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In Asia, silver jewelry is a store of worth, a symbol of wealth and standing and a simple section of many rituals. In the nation’s rural population, a deep affinity for gold goes together with practical factors regarding the portability and safety of jewelry as an investment. This, in part, explains just how India’s appetite for gold defies market conditions: despite a 400 % boost in the rupee gold cost during the last ten years, gold need from Indian customers keeps growing.

Silver is known as to be auspicious, especially in Hindu and Jain cultures. The ancient law-giver Manu decreed that gold ornaments is worn for crucial ceremonies and events. Nationwide, regional festivals are celebrated with silver: inside south, Akshaya Tritiya, Pongal, Onam and Ugadi; in the east, Durga Puja; inside west, Gudi Pavda; in north, Baisakhi and Karva Chauth.

Silver is main to more personal life occasions also. Gifting gold is a profoundly ingrained element of marriage rituals in Indian society—weddings produce around 50 per cent of yearly silver demand. People start conserving after the delivery of a woman, plus the ‘Stridhan’, or present of silver into the bride, gives her economic safety once she actually is married.

Over the after that decade, there are likely to be 15 million weddings annually in India, in which more than half of the population is under 25.

India’s demographics tend to be operating constant development in demand, with over 140 million men and women appearing out of poverty in the last 10 years in India, however the evolving framework of culture is evolving tastes too. Considering that the very early 1990s, metropolitan Indian ladies have already been adopting modern designs for each day use and wear. More youthful, more affluent Indian customers want pieces which can be modern, yet mirror their particular history and tradition; jewelry that expresses their new identity.

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