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Arts of China

The Ting Tsung Wei Fong Chao Arts of China gallery connects Asia’s ancient creative and technical accomplishments with contemporary community and current art training. Things which range from the Neolithic duration to the current time tend to be displayed in the monumental, site-specific set up Odyssey by modern musician Cai Guo-Qiang. Highlights consist of bronze inlaid with silver internet dating from the 13th to 5th century BC; jade carvings; a limestone sculpture associated with the bodhisattva Avalokitesvara from the late 6th to very early 7th century; an exceptional choice of Ming and Qing dynasty imperial ceramics; and Xu Bing’s late-20th-century masterpiece, a novel from the Sky.

Arts of India

The Nidhika and Pershant Mehta Arts of Asia Gallery, specialized in the growing assortment of Indian and Southeast Asian art, includes outstanding examples of artwork, sculpture, and photography: Gandharan Buddhist sculpture from the first to 4th centuries; 6th-century Gupta sculpture; 13th-century Chola bronze sculptures; sixteenth- to 17th-century miniature Indian paintings depicting varied scenes, from the lifestyle regarding the Mughal judge to tales from old, epic publications for the Ramayana and Mahabharata; an ornate mid-18th-century ivory flywhisk; large-scale stainless-steel sculpture by contemporary artist Subodh Gupta; and photographs by Dayanita Singh.

Arts of Japan

The collection includes Buddhist sculptures, contemporary ceramics, and works on paper offering seventeenth- to 19th-century hanging scroll paintings, illustrated publications, woodblock images, and lacquer. Modern installations and movie may on view. Because of a long-term loan contract established in 2012, the collection is complemented by essential works from Tokyo National Museum, including early Neolithic and Buddhist sculptures and elegant ceramics through the 13th to seventeenth century. The MFAH is the just American museum that enjoys a long-term loan utilizing the Tokyo establishment.

Koei AmidaArts of Korea

The Arts of Korea Gallery exposed with an amazing, lasting loan through the National Museum of Korea and AmorePacific Museum of Art in Seoul. Showcasing Korea’s 5, 000 several years of art and culture are works like Neolithic vessels; 7th-century gold jewelry and bronze Buddhist sculptures for the Silla dynasty; 12th-century celadon ceramics associated with the Goryeo dynasty; 17th-century Buddhist sculpture associated with the Joseon dynasty; and 16th- to 17th-century stoneware and porcelain ceramics. Modern sculpture, deals with report, and videos are also displayed.

The Portal Project

Offering a unique framework the Asian art choices, the Portal venture launched in 2005. The project encourages renowned contemporary designers to create site-specific installations the galleries to stimulate an architectural knowledge and produce a dialogue with the items on screen.

Do Ho Suh was commissioned to produce a portal when it comes to Arts of Korea Gallery. He proposed a 1:1-scale Korean gate modeled after an 18th-century-style Korean courtyard gate designed by their dad, Modernist artist Suh Se-ok. On the other hand, Do Ho Suh’s gate is constructed of clear high-grade acrylic in unfavorable area, an ambitious project fabricated making use of advanced technology.

Korean Celadon BottleFor the Arts of China Gallery, Cai Guo-Qiang proposed Odyssey. The monumental, 42-panel gunpowder drawing was created in a Houston warehouse with the aid of more than 100 volunteers. The rendering of a Chinese landscape and garden magnifies the visitor experience with the gallery and resonates utilizing the works of art on view.


  • Cai Guo-Qiang: Odyssey
  • Elegant Perfection: Masterpieces of Courtly and spiritual Art from Tokyo National Museum
  • RED HOT – Asian Art Today through the Chaney Family range
  • Treasures from the National Museum of Korea
  • Unrivalled Splendor: The Kimiko and John Powers Collection of Japanese Art
  • Your Bright Future: 12 Modern Korean Artists

Patron Group

Friends of Asian Art
Friends of Asian Art is specialized in the acquisition of major pieces of art, ancient to modern-day, from China, India, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia. Members of this group also attend important lectures by enthusiasts, designers, and scholars in neuro-scientific Asian art.
Join Friends of Asian Art

Unique Programs

E-book: Tradition and Innovation in Korean Art
In 2013, the Museum received a grant through the nationwide Museum of Korea to invite three senior scholars of Korean art to provide lectures and docent training pertaining to the works of art on loan through the NMK. The grant included the introduction of an e-book, and custom and Innovation in Korean Art happens to be offered, free of charge, as a PDF, file, and via iTunes. The Museum also provides this e-book on Houston Independent School District.

Korea Day
In 2014, the Museum obtained a grant from Korea Foundation to guide Korea Day in November of that year. Three senior scholars of Korean art gave lectures in conjunction with the exhibition Treasures from Korea: Arts and Community regarding the Joseon Dynasty 1392–1910. Korea Day additionally included numerous family members development and a performance of songs and party by designers from nationwide Gugak Center in Seoul.

Cai Odyssey Explosion. MW Arts of Asia Friends of Asian Art 7

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