#12 Black Henna Tattoo Kits

Black Henna Tattoo kits

Genipa Americana or Jagua

Secure, Painless, Natural, and Easy-to-Use

"Jagua" (scientific title Genipa americana) is a delicious, orange-size, tropical fresh fruit with a thick skin based in the Amazon. The normal dye is obtained from the unripe fruit and employed for many functions by indigenous men and women throughout Central and south usa, particularly for human anatomy adornment. Its medicinal properties are very well recorded, main included in this the capacity to repel bugs and, when taken internally, to take care of bronchitis.


For years we've been caution our consumers against so-called "black henna tattoos" — therefore had been best if you steer clear of them. These dangerous concoctions aren't made from normal henna, and they pose a serious threat to your wellness. But with the interesting brand new world Jagua Ebony Temporary Tattoo system, the producers of world Henna have developed a natural, painless, entirely safe system for producing temporary tattoos that are certainly black colored — they appear just as the real thing and remain on skin for up to 10 days.

World Jagua Truth Sheet

  • World Jagua is 100% safe for all. See here.
  • World Jagua doesn't consist of PPD or other toxic chemical compounds.
  • Earth Jagua is not henna, nor does it include henna.
  • World Jagua dyes your skin blue-black, just like the colour of a permanent tattoo.
  • Planet Jagua persists 7-10 times regarding the skin, then disappears totally.
  • Skin type, and in which it's applied on the body, may create minor variations in color.
  • Making use of world Jagua is very pain-free.
  • World Jagua doesn't forever stain garments or furnishings.
  • Swimming in chlorinated swimming pools can make Earth Jagua tattoos fade more quickly.
  • World Jagua shows up perfectly on dark skin.

Jagua FlowerComponents of Earth Jagua Body Ink:

  • Liquid
  • Genipa americana (Jagua)
  • Isopropyl liquor
  • Xanthan gum
  • Citric acid
  • Posassium sorbate
  • Sodium citrate
  • Silica dioxide
  • Sorbitol
  • Lactic acid
  • Disodium EDTA

(because of the nature for the fresh fruit removal process, various other naturally forming chemical constituents of this Genipa americana fruit pulp may also be included in this particular answer. Such constituents could be: D-mannitol, carbohydrates, tartaric acid, genipic acid, hydantoin, caffeinated drinks, calcium.)

NOTE: world Jagua is not a "henna tattoo kit, "
therefore contains no henna dust or paste.

Utilizing the planet earth Jagua Tattoo System

  1. Making use of a pen, push contents of Base Gel packet toward tip.
  2. Using scissors, make 1/4″ slice at tip of foil packet.
  3. Open plastic cone and put in a cup. Squeeze Base Gel into cone using plastic glove, if required.
  4. Utilizing dropper, fill bottle with liquid to top of sticker.
  5. Shake until mixed. Pour contents of bottle into synthetic cone.
  6. Squeeze air regarding synthetic cone and reseal.
  7. Therapeutic massage contents of cone until smooth.
  8. Using a pen might help to mix all cone contents.
  9. Utilizing scissors, make 1/8″ slice at tip of cone.
  10. Slowly press Earth Jagua® Gel into bottle.Earth Jagua Kit Contents Sometimes tap container on counter to be in gel at bottom.
  11. Angle cap loaded with fine tip onto applicator bottle.
  12. Slowly trace design on skin with world Jagua® Gel by squeezing applicator container.
  13. Drying will require about 30–45 moments. Be careful not to smudge the design!
  14. As soon as dry, Gel is level and stick to epidermis. Wait 2–3 hours before the removal of with cozy working liquid.
  15. You will observe very little shade when you initially take away the Gel. This is typical.
  16. Wait 24–48 hours for blue-black color to produce. Enjoy!

Stencil Transfer Instructions

  • Pick stencil you intend to utilize and reduce from stencil transfer page.
  • Apply a light layer of eucalyptus oil to epidermis area where stencil should be used and place stencil, dark part down. Utilize light, even force and wait 30–40 moments.
  • Remove and follow outline of stencil with world Jagua human body ink by squeezing synthetic applicator bottle with metal tip. Black overview will go away, leaving black colored tattoo on skin.
  • Allow world Jagua body ink to dried out, and take general application directions.
  • Stencils might re-used around six times!

Handy Tips When Utilizing World Jagua

For the most top-notch, professional-looking outcomes...

  • When creating tattoo, use Q-tips to wipe away blunders, and toothpicks to out lines.
  • Immerse steel tip-in hot-water after used to avoid blocking.
  • Before saving, squeeze environment from the container and twist cap on.

Suggestions to Create Your Tattoos Be As Durable As You Can

  • Prevent family cleansing fluids on part of tattoo
  • Saunas and vapor rooms ought to be averted, as they accelerate epidermis exfoliation.
  • Avoid epidermis scrubs and exfoliation products.
  • Wash tattoo area gently with detergent when showering.
  • Cannot scrub tattoo area with bath towel. Pat gently rather.
  • Eliminate soaking tattoo area whenever washing.

Wellness & Safety Recommendations

World Jagua® Gel is all natural. However, allergies to organic products aren't unusual (believe peanuts and strawberries). For your protection, please follow these recommended recommendations.

  • The product must be utilized based on instructions. If You're using medications, or have actually known allergies, kindly consult your medical practitioner before utilizing Earth Jagua® Gel.
  • Before using world Jagua® Gel, test item on small location first. Place a tiny bit of item from the epidermis; leave on for 2–3 hours and wash down with water. Wait 4–5 hours before proceeding.
  • For outside only use. World Jagua® Gel shouldn't be taken internally.

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