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Colored Henna Tattoo kits

green sparkle wholesale henna face paintGlitter Tattoo Kits and Adhesive

Glitter Kit Colors



Brilliant Gold

Glitter Kit Colors Concord

Violent Storm



Glitter Kit Colors

Viper Black



Gold Holo

Glitter System Colors



Persian Lime

Glitter System Colors
Tahitian Cocoa


Monsoon Bloom


Glitter Kit Colors Burlesque




Glitter System Colors


Turkish Blue


Glitter TATTOO System - Waterproof
Packed in a handy vinyl zipper case for travel
Waterproof glitter tattoos last 1-7 days

  • white sparkle henna facepaint4 Glitter Powder Colors, Micro Polyester beauty glitters
  • 15 Stencils
  • 11 mL Acrylic Adhesive in Applicator with wand
  • 15 Liquor Swabs
  • Brush to Rub in and Swipe off Glitter

Waterproof, persists 1-5 times, keep away from eyes. Paint or draw on glue, allow to dry then poof glitter on top!
Warning:Acrylic adhesive is temperature delicate.
Store between 50-90 degrees F for most readily useful results.
If glue freezes it will probably permanently solidify.
When it is stored over 100 levels F it manages to lose it stickiness.

Ideal for kids, cheeks and faces.

  • 4 Glitter Powder Colors, Micro Polyester cosmetic glitters

Washable, lasts 1 day, keep off eyes. Paint or draw on glue, enable to dry after that poof glitter at the top!

What's this?

Glitter, glimmer or shimmer tattoos (depending on your supplier) are created with stencils, acrylic adhesive and aesthetic sparkle OR utilize the glue and draw on with the squeeze container, a small hand rolled cone or paint brush!

The stencils are constructed of 3 parts, (simple stencils without many small pieces are sturdy and that can be re reused several times). Cleanse skin with an alcohol pad and remove the backing regarding the stencil. Apply the stencil set to skin and remove the most notable obvious layer. leaving the stencil regarding epidermis.

Apply A SLIM and also level of acrylic glue (it is a medical/cosmetic glue useful for prosthetics possesses no latex). Enable to dry to an obvious tack and then pouf sparkle right onto the glue. Utilizing a brush or finger wipe the glitter in to the glue for good coverage and adhesion.

pink glitter facepaint hennaGently remove the stencil, if you take it off very carefully plus don't rip it you can easily reuse it! Put it straight back regarding stencil paper and conserve for the next time. Less glue is better - thin also programs will create a longer lasting glitter tattoo!

Glitter Tattoo Adhesive and Tools

Acrylic Adhesive for waterproof sparkle tattoos, 3 sizes

  • Lasts 3-7 days, WATERPROOF, FDA Approved
  • Paint or draw on the adhesive, allow to dry then poof glitter on the top!

Warning: Acrylic adhesive is temperature sensitive.
Shop between 50-90 degrees F for best outcomes.
If glue freezes it will permanently solidify.
If it's saved over 100 Degrees F it loses it stickiness.

CREAM Acrylic Adhesive 100% free hand programs of waterproof glitter tattoo

  • Lasts 1-5 times, WATERPROOF, Food And Drug Administration Approved
  • Put 1-2 teaspoons CREAM Acrylic Adhesive in a cone, tape cone shut and cut a little tip.
  • Draw your design because of the glue, enable to dry then poof glitter above. Wipe-off excess with a blush brush.

Warning: Acrylic glue is temperature delicate.
Shop between 50-90 levels F for most useful results.
If glue freezes it will probably permanently solidify.
If it is saved over 100 levels F it loses it stickiness.

WASHABLE System Adhesive

for child friendly glitter tattoos

  • Water Based
  • Secure for application on face and cheeks
  • Effortlessly remove with water and soap

15mL / .5 ounce, cup container with brush

Adhesive Remover, Isopropyl Myristate

Gentle cleaner for acrylic adhesive. Usage on brushes or epidermis or to remove sparkle tattoos.

VERY soft and easy to utilize. The LUER caps, guidelines, and containers are all interchangeable.

They're an useful device for using acrylic adhesive for sparkle tattoo and touches. Wash with water or Isopropyl Myristate soon after each used to prevent the glue from drying out and damaging the tips. (i enjoy hold one Luer Bottle of water and simply pop the glue-y tip on and wash on between applications)

for using glitter powder, half ounce by amount

Give Rolled Cones

  • Usage with Acrylic Adhesive CREAM to generate henna styled glitter tattoos
  • Put 1-2 teaspoons adhesive CREAM in a cone and tape closed very well.
  • Reduce a TINY opening from the end regarding the cone and draw.
  • Seal with tape or a clip if not used
  • Elastic band included. (includes exudate)

Stencil Show: Dangling Holder

Express Shipping Upgrade 1-2 days in transit

Costs tend to be between $18-$25 for little purchases. You'll receive an invoice if you have an amount because of.

Express United States Postal Provider:

  • 2 times in transportation
  • Guaranteed by 3 PM on 2nd day in transportation
  • Trademark Required
  • Has online monitoring
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