10 x 25 GM Brown Color Henna

Henna Tattoo kits Australia

Henna Tatoo KitThe skill of human anatomy painting from India using henna is known as Mehndi. It utilizes a normal dye created from the leaves of the henna plant as well as other 100 % natural ingredients. Using the Mehndi technique, a temporary tattoo can be created without having the usage of needles, which can be safe, short-term, completely painless and when done within a group may be lots of fun.

Mehndi is a fundamental element of the Indian bridal tradition. It's worn to signify happiness, luck & purity. Typically, the groom must discover their name in bride’s Mehndi.


  • Contains every little thing expected to make a number of temporary tattoos
  • User friendly with obvious step by step guidelines
  • Completely 100% natural ingredients
  • Contains four stencils for usage on hands or other areas of the body

Traditionally used for weddings, henna tattoo kits may be used for events, dress-ups or any special occasion with an Indian theme. Fun and safe for many many years.

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