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Native American Indian Jewelry

Genuine Liquid Buffalo Tooth Necklace.

Liquid Buffalo Tooth Necklace.

This necklace is handcrafted with one real water buffalo tooth, bone tissue hair pipelines, brass beads and blue pony beads strung on synthetic sinew with black colored silk cable.

Steps more or less 28" plus tooth.

$28 $20

Water Buffalo Teeth Necklace.

Water buffalo teeth necklace is handcrafted with ten genuine water buffalo teeth, silver plated beads, turquoise blue glass beads and black colored beads.

Actions around 20" lengthy plus teeth.

$87 $75

Alaskan Wolf Claw with Heishe Beads Necklace.

This necklace features a real Alaskan wolf claw, silver tube beads, silver beads, black colored heishe, blue heishe, purple heishe and bamboo locks pipelines.

Actions roughly 26" lengthy plus claw.


Alaskan Wolf Claw with Jade Beads Necklace.

Genuine 10 Water Buffalo Teeth Necklace.Handmade American Indian Necklace featuring an authentic Alaskan Wolf Claw, genuine African jade nugget beads, jasper gemstone beads, and antiqued bone tresses pipelines.

Measures more or less 21" lengthy, plus claw.

Alaskan Wolf Claw with Aventurine Beads Necklace.

Native American handcrafted necklace functions an authentic Alaskan wolf claw with aventurine gemstone beads, antiqued bone tresses pipelines, and gold-plated beads, with gold-plated clasp.

Actions more or less 18" lengthy, plus claw.


Bear Tooth Necklace with Glass Beads.

Bear enamel necklace with cup beads handmade using a genuine black colored bear enamel with black buffalo horn tresses pipes, silver plated beads and blue glass beads. Strung on artificial sinew with black colored leather thong.

Actions approximately 30" lengthy plus enamel.


Burmese Python Vertebrae Necklace.

Burmese python vertebrae necklace handcrafted with 20 genuine vertebrae from a 16 base lengthy Burmese Python with 21 carved bone beads. Strung on durable synthetic sinew with black leather-based thong.

Wolf Claw Necklace. Alaskan Wolf Claw with Jade Beads Necklace. Alaskan Wolf Claw with Aventurine Beads Necklace. Genuine Bear Tooth Necklace with Glass Beads.

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