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Earthy, yet feminine. Chandelier earrings conjure within the wonderful and sturdy picture regarding the female Native American. Now you can wear the intriguing look with handmade chandelier earrings from local United states artisans. Picture yourself falling using one of those chandelier earrings by the Zuni tribe for touching nature: 4-tiered chandelier earrings with turquoise sectors; a smaller sized group of coral attached with a bigger circle with sliver dangling pieces; or sliver flattened dangles mounted on a two-level, flower-like framework.

Zuni Fetish Necklaces

Animal spirits have reached the center of Zuni fetish necklaces. And there is a definite ranking order on the list of different creatures objects used in Zuni fetish necklaces. Evaluate these Zuni fetish necklaces among others found at Sunshine Studio: a necklace fashioned with eight walking bears (who guard the western) strung on a turquoise heishe with a larger standing bear at the bottom associated with the necklace, by Zuni singer Brian Yatsattie; or an original fetish necklace by Zuni musician Mike Yatsayte, featuring ten little turquoise frogs (representing water, virility and abundance) plus a bigger frog in the bottom.

Please inform us if there is some way by which we could assist you to together with your United states Indian art. We love the art even as we tend to be collectors ourselves and aspire to share our enthusiasm to you. Do not hesitate to e mail us for reason.

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