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Indian Wedding Gold Jewelry for Bridal

Tanishq, the large manner jewelry residence, is not lacking beauty and fame for brides in all of India.

To pay homage into the many communities and teams across Asia, Tanishq developed a particular wedding ceremony collection per regarding the biggest communities. From north with Bihar, Bengal, Rajasthan, Punjab and Gujarat towards the coastline of Maharastra and also the south with Tamil Nadu, Kannada, and Telugu, brides across India could not be much more stunning.

Maharashtrian Bride

A Maharashtrian bride in traditional gold jewellery, pearl forehead accessory and ambi nath.

The Maharashtrian Lagan (wedding) reflects the state's radiant and playful tradition. The spot features a lengthy coast, therefore the locals have created a powerful attachment to pearls.

The nath, introduced into Indian culture because of the Mughals, traces its origin to your center East and has now become an emblem of marital blessedness. In north and western, brides wear a round gold band while, typically, Maharashtrian brides choose a pearl and colored rock, ambi (paisley) shaped nath.

Tanishq Maharastrian Bride jewellery width=The company has modern versions regarding the nath plus the mundavalya (strings of pearls or plants used on the forehead), created from silver beads, diamonds and precious rocks and pearls.

Taking an instant to savor the beauty of mehndi.

Gujarati Bride

A Gujarati bride in stunning Tanishq necklaces, earrings, naths, rings, bangles, bracelets and much more in silver, diamonds, kundan, polki and valuable rocks.

Putting on a navrathran haar, an auspicious necklace made of nine stones.

Crafted from handmade silver, uncut diamonds, rubies and pearls, Tanishq's kundan polki necklaces are divine.

Punjabi Bride

The Amritsari Jadau necklace with rubies, emeralds and pearls encrusted in gold sheets. It really is a spectacular necklace made from age old custom of metallurgy where gold is scooped off to hold valuable stones. The current material is then raised to produce prongs which support the rocks in position.

This technique created a wonderful impression that the stones are not occur the metal but are part of it. Karigars work, sometimes for more than four constant weeks, to create a single bit of precious jewelry.

Tanishq Mehndi Hands Punjabi circumference=The Punjabi bride at her sangeet using the Amritsari Jadau.

With earrings and tikka, this majestic pacchi work polki necklace is a floral ensemble of white kundan stones around a marquise center, closing in garnet cabochon drops.

Wearing layers of breathtaking kundan and polki necklaces in uncut diamonds and rubies.

Exquisitely created kangan are crafted from as many material as you will find methods. Gold, diamonds, kundan, rubies, emerald, enamel, all take on numerous types.

Southern Indian Brides

A Telugu bride selection of necklaces, bangles, papyri billas, jhumkis, vaddanams and locks touches that are carefully detailed in traditional habits of gold and diamonds to fit up to the occasion.

A South Indian bride with Shringarpatti, Mangamalai, lotus necklace, Vanki also silver jewels.

Tanishq Mangamalai, with ruby studded silver mangoes, strung collectively symbolizing variety.

Vanki by Tanishq, the standard armlet lined with little rubies and pearls with creative depictions of gods, plants and creatures inside popular Nakashi design.

A perfect lotus necklace in silver by Tanishq with diamonds, rubies, emeralds and pearls.

A Kannada Bride.

The extraordinary Tanishq Nakashi gold necklace, in which Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are recognized in an antique gold finish as an auspicious note of marital balance.

The multiple petals of this sacred lotus developing a necklace with engraved silver sheet work, dotted by precious Emeralds in kundan setting.

North Indian Brides

A Marwadi bride searching graceful in a kundan necklace, emerald rani haar, earrings, rings, borla (mind accessories), naths (nose-ring), chudis and kangans (bangles).

A Bihari Bride pays hommage towards convenience of earthy origins where state takes pride. Tanishq's intricate silver jewelery will appeal to bride's love for simple, earthly silver in necklace habits that may effortlessly be layered. She also wears several rows of broad silver bangles.

Collection of wide, gold bangles.

A Bengali bride with traditional gold jewelery of sita haars, maan taashas, sankha polas, and tikkas. She wears a wire-framed gold nath and several gold bangles interspersed with purple cup bangles.

Tanishq Gujarati Bride Jewelry width= Tanishq Polki Kundan circumference= Tanishq Ruby Diamond Kundan Wedding width= Tanishq Amritsari Jadau Necklace width=

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