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These teenagers were actors in “Winds of Change, ” a movie about the Panfilo de Narváez Expedition - 1528, created by Pyramid Films for the Tampa Bay background Center. Hermann and Elizabeth were specialists when it comes to movie.

Spanish Accounts in regards to the Tocobaga

inside sixteenth & seventeenth Centuries

While we try to understand Florida’s very first folks through many different procedures, most scholars usually explore the world of the Tocobaga through reports regarding the early Spanish conquistadors and priests whom found Florida in 16th and 17th centuries. Although these reports try not to provide us with much detail, plus some must be taken with a grain of salt (they were maybe not anthropologists), they do supply historians with some information to simply help develop a picture for the Tocobaga Indians tradition.


The Panifilo de Narvaez expedition swept into what's know known as Boca Ciega Bay in South Pinellas County. The chronicler of the doomed celebration, Cabeza de Vaca, describes their particular very first encounter using men and women they meet.

“That same day”“ [April 14] the comptroller Alonso Enrigues, ventured to an island inside bay and called towards the Indians, whom emerged and remained with him some time, investing fish and venison for trinkets.”

“The after day [Good Friday] the Governor [Narvez] debarked with as numerous men given that ship’s little ships could hold. We discovered the buhios deserted, the Indians having fled by canoe when you look at the night. One of several structures ended up being big enough to allow for significantly more than 300 individuals; the others had been smaller. Amid some seafood nets, we found a gold bell.”

“We adopted the shore for the bay we'd found and after four leagues, grabbed four Indians. We showed them corn to see if they understood what it had been, for we'd thus far run into no sign of any. They suggested that they would take united states where there was clearly some, and led us with their town within mind for the Bay near by. There they showed us some corn maybe not yet fit to gather.”

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