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Dressing for Indian wedding events | Haldi outfits for womenDancing, games, henna and feasting. Yes, I am talking about the exciting ride that is an Indian wedding. This roller coaster ride is a combination of different events involving pre wedding rituals, the actual wedding and the post wedding reception.

Apart from being fun, these Indian wedding events often include some three hundred plus guests, so one can expect a lot of colour play happening, in terms of the outfits. To avoid getting lost in the ocean of bold colours and finery, here are some tips on how to dress for each of the Indian wedding parties.

Dressing for Indian wedding events | Haldi outfits for menWhat To Wear To The Haldi Ceremony

The Indian wedding events are generally kicked off with the haldi ceremony. In this ceremony a concoction made from turmeric, sandalwood, oil and water is rubbed on the bride and the groom’s body. In the olden days this ritual was supposed to be like a spa treatment for the couple before their wedding.Dressing for Indian wedding events | Mehendi outfits women The modern day haldi ceremony is more about following the culture and has become a fun event with the guests and friends utterly enjoying smearing haldi on the groom and the bride.

This is a casual event, so in order to dress for this event; an important rule would be to avoid pristine whites, unless you do not mind all the turmeric splashing on your outfit. Blacks are considered inauspicious for traditional Indian wedding events, so it is better to avoid the colour in keeping with the sentiments. Relaxed light Indian attires in shades of yellow or orange would be a good choice.Dressing for Indian wedding events | Mehendi outfits for men Any lightly embellished casual salwaar kameez in earthy colours or deeper hues would also work well for the haldi ceremony.

Men can go for a short linen casual kurta, teamed with churidars or pants and a waistcoat can be used to add some drama to the plain look.

What To Wear To The Mehendi Ceremony

This ceremony is usually a night affair where henna is applied to the hands of the bride and the ladies of the wedding families. Traditionally, this ceremony was celebrated separately by the groom’s and the bride’s family. However these days it is a combined affair doubling the joy and merriment. There will be singing and dancing going on simultaneously as the ladies sit around getting henna designs applied on their hands and feet alongside the bride.

Dressing for Indian wedding events | Sangeet outfits for women Dressing for Indian wedding events | Sangeet men's outfit Dressing for Indian wedding events | Cocktail party outfits women Dressing for Indian wedding events | Cocktail party outfits for men

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