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Berkeley Indian clothing stores

view1703Yes, I understand, “Bombay” is an English corruption of a Portuguese colonial title when it comes to town.

I'm all for rejecting the language for the colonial energy, but I am not believing that Shiv Sena, the governmental celebration that drove the name improvement in 1995, is admirable. Moreover, I am not ready to review sufficient about Shiv Sena and Hindu nationalist politics to pass through wisdom, just because as an outsider we were entitled to pass judgment.

Therefore let’s simply stick to minimal India.

Berkeley has long been fertile floor for Indian businesses. Within the belated 1970s, there have been possibly ten Indian stores in Berkeley, predominantly along western University Avenue. But, Berkeley offered the strongest connection to Asia inside Bay region. How many Indian businesses peaked throughout the Dot-Com (or perhaps is it .com?) boom, but the wave hasn't gone completely away. The Indian food, spruce, songs, movie, and clothes stores all provide to your mix which Berkeley, reverberating among our images of unique India.


Therefore here you will find the signs and symptoms of Indian (and a few Pakistani and Afghani) businesses while they existed in 2014, cultural markers of a cultural existence.

Having prevented linguistic dispute over Bombay vs. Mumbai, I'm not planning to step into the spelling discussion of “sari” vs. “saree.” Have at it if you need. I’ll pass.

This last one tends to make me think about V.S. Naiipaul’s .

990 UniversityThere are far more signs, to check out, but I wanted to place this out there today.

I showed the pictures to my friend, who is a big lover of Bollywood. “You discover how your pals venture out on Saturday mornings and walk around capturing?” I am not yes in which this is certainly going but I play along – yes, I'm sure. “Really, i simply saw a movie last night that I rented on 9th Street.” Whether i wish to begin to see the film or otherwise not, i am aware that I am going to.

Thanks pal!

I ask just what he ponders the pictures of signs and symptoms of Indian organizations. Nonetheless chuckling about the Three Idiots, he smiles and claims:

824 University 824 University 3 idiots 2

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