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Book Assessment by Cynthia R. Jasper and Emily Lupton Metrish
Norris, Lucy. Recycling Indian Clothes: Global Contexts of Reuse and Value. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 2010.
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In the US, when garments tend to be threadbare or torn they have discarded; as soon as we would like to clean out our closets, clothes is carted off to Goodwill or other selling shops, with choose pieces given to relatives or buddies (children‘s garments specially is generally passed away along to a sibling or younger cousin). The procedure is therefore typical, done this unthinkingly and normally so it seems impossible that any place else on earth might have a different sort of method of disposing of clothing.

In accordance with Recycling Indian clothes: worldwide Contexts of Reuse and Value (an element of the Tracking Globalization show, edited by Robert J. Foster), clothes is treated differ-ently in Asia. Owing to the considerable personal meaning held by textiles, as well as the monetary value they may obtain through reuse or change, clothing is seldom just discarded. As an alternative, it really is often recycled for both the domestic and global areas; utilized fabrics may be repurposed to cover furniture or changed into dresses, bags, or other manner items. Although there are economic and ecological advantageous assets to be realized with this recycling, there are also signifi-cant customs associated with clothes, social identification, and ritual purity that can come into play into the recycling process.

Dr. Lucy Norris, a Senior analysis Fel-low into the Department of Anthropology at University College London has au-thored a text which takes care of the multitude of dilemmas surrounding textile recycling in Asia with an eye toward the interna-tional flow of products. Various other topics engaged consist of societal change in Asia throughout the last two decades (her experiences in New Delhi, India, dating from 1999-2000 and through the mid-2000s, tend to be recounted in detail to produce a context for visitors unfamiliar with the Indian milieu), just how ladies acquire clothes in Asia and what it means for them, textile conservation...

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