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Traditional Indian shoes

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Feet and Footwear in Indian Culture

by Jutta Jain-Neubauer

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Part 1: The Foot in Indian Culture

Part 2: ♦ Ancient Footwear and Types of Shoes

♦ Traditional Hide, Leather, and Leather Workers in India

Part 3: Traditional Indian Footwear in the Modern Period

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Innumerable references to the foot and to foot worship in Indian culture convey the impression that the foot is considered one, if not the most, important part of the human body. The religious and historical significance of of feet and footwear in Indian art and culture are presented in this book, which was inspired by The Bata Shoe Museum Foundation.
The richness and variety of ancient and traditional footwear are lavishly illustrated, with outstanding examples of the typical toe-knob sandals worn by mendicants and holy men and the beautifully embroidered shoes of the wealthy. Rare information on footwear has been culled from lesser-known Buddhist and Jain sources concerning the traditions and regulations governing the monastic life of monks.
The book also contains a section on traditional footwear types created by contemporary village artisans.

About the Author
Jutta Jain––Neubauer specialises in Indian Art History and is an Indologist. She has written several articles and authored books on these subjects.


“The book is a must-buy for all craft-lovers who take pride in their library of valuable books.”
—Indian Folklore Research Journal


by Eiluned Edwards

This book examines the "social life" of Gujarat's textiles, tracing the historical journey of cloth and dress.

Edited by Chandramani Singh

The book details the origin, history and importance of the government museums of Rajasthan.

This catalogue showcases the treasures of the Albert Hall Museum in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

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