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Introduction - Creek Indian

Just whom precisely were the Creek Indians, what was their tradition like and how performed they stay? This mostly peaceful group of Southeast United states Indian Tribes had roots in Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina and Florida until these were forced out-by other tribes and Europeans. They frequently labeled on their own as Muskogee or Muscogee. The Creek were recognized to put on very decorated and advanced garments. Like the majority of Indian tribes, the women and men had particular roles and their young ones discovered their particular expected roles at an early age. At even more interesting factual statements about the history of these people feature in which they built their houses, just what food they ate, and exactly what weapons they used.

Creek Indian General Facts and Information

  • There are 2 separate Creek Indian tribes these days, the Poarch Band of Creek Indians in Alabama and Oklahoma Creek Indians.
  • A little set of Creek Indian descendants stayed in their tribal land and presently survive a booking that is 57 miles from mobile phone, Alabama.
  • The Battle of Burnt Corn in 1813 had been an element of the bigger Creek War. It absolutely was at first considered to be a small skirmish, with the Creek Indians of Alabama rising because the victors, nonetheless it ultimately led to the defeat of entire Creek nation.
  • In 1814 Andrew Jackson finalized the Treaty of Fort Jackson which forced most Creek Indians off their particular land. The few people who were in a position to continue to be had assisted the U.S. government.
  • Regular contact and trading because of the Europeans and English settlers didn't start for Creek Indians before the belated 1600s.
  • Multiracial kiddies had been caused by the Creeks intermarriage using the white settlers. This took place often plus the Creek spouses had been thrilled to teach their particular non-Indian husbands the Creek tradition.

Creek Indian Cultural Facts

  • The Creek Indians weren't a nomadic tribe but instead create thatched-hut houses in villages with a town square as the center of tasks. It was here that neighborhood occasions such as dances and meetings happened.
  • Whenever a town surely got to huge to control, they merely divided into two self-sufficient villages but held close ties together.
  • The Creeks developing relationship with the white settlers had a negative affect their capability to remain self-sufficient. As they had the ability to trade many goods utilizing the settlers, they began trading for firearms which changed their cultural means of hunting.
  • Comparable to a great many other Indian tribes, the Creek guys had been skilled hunters and protectors of these family members. They relied on pets both for meals and clothing.
  • The ladies associated with tribe did the housekeeping, agriculture and had been the principal caregivers towards the kiddies. They were in charge of keeping a number of crops and collected fruits, natural herbs and origins.
  • The basic food for the Creek Indians diet ended up being corn. They even ate numerous meat including boar, deer, bison, turkey and seafood that was plentiful throughout the summer time.
  • Typical weapons included nets, spears, traps, bow and arrows, tomahawks, and war clubs.
  • Early Creek jewellery frequently included boar tusks and antlers. The artwork they've been many recognized for is the container weaving, woodcarvings and glazed pottery.


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