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Asia Sweets & Spices started with a dream by Mr. Kumar Jawa and finally, in 1984, he had been in a position to turn that fantasy into a real possibility together with his very first area; a tiny, hole-in-the-wall grocery store and restaurant in Culver City. His wife Debra supported and worked with him in just about any and each capability she could take in. Two years later on, because of the beginning of the child, they established the annual custom of providing no-cost meals to all or any their customers to commemorate and provide back into everyone which allowed and assisted Mr. Jawa's dream to build and thrive.

Soon India Sweets & herbs started initially to sprout in places around Southern California including Riverside, Artesia, Northridge, and Canoga Park. Today, we over nine by themselves owned and run areas in Southern Ca to last with this major and biggest location in Los Angeles' Atwater Village.

Asia Sweets & Spices has actually always believed in knowledgeable and friendly staff to aid our consumers with any one of their particular shopping or food service needs. If you should be looking for some thing and cannot believe it is, ask one of our workers and we'll attempt to obtain the product available.

We carry a wide variety of products inside our shop; from spices, rice, dals, and lentils, right to apparel, precious jewelry, cookware, and so much more. Besides having an array of items from Asia, we likewise have numerous items from all over the entire world including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, England, and Asia among others.

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