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Homemade Mukhwas Spice Mix Recipe | Evermine Blog | width=You know that stuff that you sometimes get at the end of the meal or on your way out the door at an Indian restaurant? That sweetish mix of flavorful seeds that’s usually served in a small bowl with a tiny spoon… that stuff? That stuff is called mukhwas, and as I’ve learned more and more about herbal medicine, I’ve come to appreciate how brilliant it is as an after-meal munch.

Like many spice mixes, mukhwas recipes are quite variable, but with some knowledge of the plants that are used, I can see that most recipes aim for at least two effects: freshen the breath and dispel gas in the gut. !Homemade Mukhwas Recipe | Evermine Blog | width= This stuff would make a fantastic wedding favor, I think, because what wedding guest wouldn’t want a boost of fresh-breath confidence and a little digestive help after a celebratory meal? Of course, mukhwas is easy to make, and easy to customize to your tastes or the tastes of the crowd. Below, I offer a recipe as a starting point for your own homemade mukhwas.

I made a fun project out of packaging small amounts of mukwhas in tiny sealable bags, also called jewelry bags, (often available at smoke shops, of all places) and matchbook style cardboard packages made of toilet paper rolls (of all things). The label style, Whimsical Romance, from evermine.com blends nicely with Indian-inspired imagery and features a subtle texture that goes well with the soft texture of cardboard rolls.

Pictured here is the style Whimsical Romance in deep blue in the rectangular, petal and square shapes (sizes 05, 32 and 1B).

Seed Mix Matchbooks

Author: Lorraine Ferron

Type: Craft

Serves: Makes 4-6 Matchbooks


  • ¼ cup culinary seed mix
  • Several 2-inch wide x 2.5-inch tall jewelry bags
  • 2-3 toilet paper rolls
  • Scissors
  • Stapler

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