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A few Indian ethnic types are based on ancient scriptures, or paintings, while the flamboyant design of the maang tikka additionally discovers its roots in historic paintings and items. This hair adornment was donned by both women and men in old times, and several paintings which have tantric significance depict men and women who wear an ornament just like the maang tikka on their foreheads.

The maang tikka is a prime accessory for brides. It's developed in such a manner it rests regarding 6th chakra associated with forehead, as told in Hindu mythology and signifies the third eye, or the energy associated with the heart. The forehead’s center, where in actuality the maang tikka is put, additionally signifies one’s power to control thoughts, and also the power of focus. The classic selling point of this accessory makes it very popular, not just in India but around the globe.

Style and Variety

You will find many alternatives associated with maang tikka. A bridal maang tikka including, features two strings for each side, that can easily be extended and pinned into locks, offering a beautiful old-fashioned look.

In Rajasthan however, women put on the round-shaped maang tikka, commonly referred to as ‘Bor’, that will be a single-string tikka pinned toward locks towards the top of the head.

Some maang tikka designs tend to be heavy and intricately adorned, whereas most are simple and easy fragile hunting.

In Muslim weddings, brides put on the maang tikka on one side of the mind; and it is referred to as ‘Jhumar Tikka’.

There is absolutely no dearth of types within the fashioning of a maang tikka. Right from a kundan work tikka to a wrought gold one, how many types available for sale takes one’s breath away. This also allows for ladies to sport the maang tikka on occasions besides their weddings (per day whenever only the most fancy jeweled add-ons are expected).

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Aside from adding sophistication and charm to a bride’s look and feel, the maang tikka has been utilized by several fashion designers in showcasing their cultural selections. Indian style icons like JJ Valaya, Ritu Kumar and Manish Malhotra have actually flaunted exquisite looking maang tikkas as add-ons for some of the bestselling selections. As well as manner designers, Indian actresses like Priyanka Chopra, Dia Mirza, and Shilpa Shetty have actually used the maang tikka for various manner programs or for dance sequences within their flicks.

Maang Tikka: A Bejeweled ForeheadPresent time situation

These days’ females go for intricately created maang tikkas, that are made out of valuable rocks like rubies, diamonds, or sapphires, and tend to be embedded in clusters of pearls. There are various designs available for sale, plus one could possibly get a maang tikka relating to one’s private inclination.

Global Appeal

Although an Indian decoration, many women from around the world are seen wearing it. Including, Hollywood performing feeling Alicia Keys ended up being seen putting on a fine looking maang tikka for a red carpeting eventas an accessory to her outfit which mainly showcased Western aesthetics. Also, a few international designer labels like Chanel used variations for the maang tikka as stunning head pieces.

Indian weddings are really popular in the western; and Indian brides generally make it a point to sport old-fashioned Indian clothes and add-ons, such as the maang tikka, on the wedding day. It has taken Indian ethnic manner to regular people from around the whole world and made it well-liked and admired.


A simple maang tikka can be worn for a spiritual or festive celebration which goes really in sync with gorgeous looking, or salwar matches. For weddings, engagements and parties the maang tikka could be donned with opulently designed shararas or women’s sherwanis. Simple searching earrings or men alongside heavy necklaces look most readily useful utilizing the maang tikka.

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