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Indian Rose cut Diamond Jewelry

Kajal Nair, a Mumbai-based Jewellery Designer informs you more about Uncut and Rose-cut Diamonds

Rose-cuts, Kundan and Polki, once the exclusive safeguard of Indian Royalty are now actually a style statement as they are increasingly synonymous with wedding jewelry. But exactly how many of us really know the difference between the terms?

Rose cuts were a style of diamonds well-known within the 17th century- these are typically typically flat bottomed utilizing the facets or slices regarding visible surface.

Rose slices, centered on high quality also come in various selling prices but are inexpensive than faceted (or slice) diamonds found in modern-day jewellery like engagement bands.

Earring and pendant set in Rose-cut diamonds and yellowish and white gold, ideal for a Sangeet or a cocktail-party

Jewellery with rose-cut diamonds with regards to the style could be teamed with old-fashioned Indian creations like lehangas, anarkalis and sarees and even western use

Western design hoops in Rose-cut diamonds of varied tints - white, light brown, coffee-brown and black diamonds set in white gold

Kundan jewelry utilizes Meena- an Indian enamelling method, where the surface of material is decorated with a design using numerous tints. E.g. the backs of Mughal style necklaces have actually a decorative pattern on the metal area. Kundan jewellery could possibly be in silver or gold with or without diamonds also valuable stones.

Kundan style silver earrings with Rose-cut diamonds and meenakari run the opposite regarding the earrings.

Kundan style silver set with un-cut diamonds occur gold

Polki is a method of Kundan jewellery that originated throughout the Mughal rule. Polki jewellery are with uncut diamonds being totally un-faceted (look like frosted bits of glass) or Rose slices which are partially faceted.

Wondering simple tips to begin selecting and purchasing Polki jewellery with high quality diamonds?

While single pieces of uncut diamonds are bigger and may also cost a lower amount than polished ones, they have been stocked by a lot fewer jewellers, because of the lower selling worth factor. Basically, whenever you purchase an uncut diamond jeweller piece, you spend money on an item of art. With the exception of cut that is unimportant, the rest of the Cs - Colour, Clarity and Carat hold beneficial to uncut and Rose-cut diamonds.

Colour is the most important element. The whiter (or higher colorless) the diamond, the more costly it will likely be.

Clarity is yet another essential determinant of diamond quality and cost.

Don't be fixated with quality as Polki doesn't require diamonds is of large quality. Median clarity is ideal and there is no need for VVS or VS quality. That being said quality is certainly not highly relevant to uncut diamonds it's only highly relevant to Rose-cut diamonds.

In terms of Carat or size of the diamonds go it is completely driven because of the design you select not to mention your budget.

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