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Indian Tablecloths

Keri from Charlotte, NC: Hello there they came yesterday. like them!!! I adore the table cloth-I use it immediately in addition to curtains tend to be for my child's space. i would consider getting a shower curtain in the near future. I will simply take a photo of my child's space and also the dining area and e-mail it for you. Your stuff is breathtaking and I also love that it is fair-trade also.

I also involve some curtains in my own kitchen that I bought earlier and I also have numerous compliments to them. the one thing is If only the curtains did not have the loops at the top. I don't utilize those because they allow it to be tough to slide the curtains to and fro. I prefer satin nickel rings films, thus I just fold the loops down and clip the rings into real curtain; you can't even look at loops. i am going to send you a picture to help you see just what after all. Many thanks a great deal, I love your merchandise!

Here are some photos of my curtains and dining table cover. I want a shower curtain now.with reds, purples, tans, burnt oranges. can there be any possibility you will end up coming out with newer and more effective patterns/colors? ~Keri

Teresa from ny, NY: Dear Archana, This purchase is within addition towards replacement "Memories of Shalimar" tablecloth (120X70) that you'd hoped to leave today (thanks a great deal the great service and also the replacement tablecloth).

I have attached some pictures from right after my hubby's 55th birthday celebration. It was a rather everyday celebration and also the tablecloths made it stunning. Thanks again for getting them in my opinion over time with late notice, as well as holding my hand through the whole order process! Sincerely, Teresa

Elissa from Belmont, MA: i'm happy to share some photographs - hope you can make use of them. They may not be really expert and some reason my kitties would not get free from the images. I will be affixing 2 of each tablecloth. We chose the Spice path rectangular tablecloth because the red hue and edge moved beautifully in our living area that includes wood floors and natural wall space. We also have a wall dangling nearby with a maroon shade so that they tied in really collectively. The deeper color sometimes cover stains really - which any loved tablecloth at some point get! I find the Green Gold Asian Indian Round Tablecloth for the kitchen tablecloth. We have green seats and a big Indian painting nearby the dining table with a lot of green with it. Once more, we want to use this within our regular rotation and the color and structure appeared to be they will not show stains effortlessly if not the standard crumbs among washings. We tend to leave one on for 5 times roughly - until some one spills milk or maple syrup! Thanks for your offer of a gift. I'd love a cushion cover - 17 X 17 the exact same pattern whilst the round tablecloth i got myself - memories of shalimar. Thank-you!

Emily from Vienna, VA: i am sorry for these types of a remarkably late reaction in guaranteeing the distribution of my order! I did so in reality get it really appropriate matter and in the morning happy utilizing the high quality stamping regarding linen additionally the rich color saturation. I will be actually utilising the table-cloth as a shower curtain. Regular-sized bath curtains are not long enough, when I like to hang my shower curtains high (near to the ceiling), but still keep these things skim the ground. The boarder is on all 4 sides, unlike your real bath curtains, but i like the look. Maybe you would start thinking about providing shower curtains at a longer length? The only problem I have had is one part edge just isn't precisely uniformly slashed. As it hangs from drapery rings that video toward textile, one side doesn't put very appropriate. However, I happened to be able to load that spot a little in the straight back part with a tiny fishing body weight sewn in. That basically solved the problem. We expected some uniqueness/slight flaws that give personality because of the linen because it is hand-made, perhaps not from a factory machine! Thanks A Lot, Emily

I am thrilled to have almost all of it completed now. The linen from Saffron Marigold had been the determination & certainly the showcase in room. I hope the pictures direct you towards promoting the amazing products you provide. The quality is definitely much better than such a thing i have observed in stores. Knowing it's handmade with such great focus on detail causes it to be much more special & unique. For your present of a free of charge item, i might love a spice route pillow support cover to enhance the room. It could be beautiful in a side chair! Thanks a great deal, Emily

Kamini from Seattle, WA: Everyone loves it. I'm torn between deploying it as a tablecloth, a bedspread for a daybed, or laying it across my king size bed.! it's deeper and richer in color than I thought, but that doesn't matter cos everything within my household os shades of purple and orange. I am going to send photographs fleetingly. Thanks a great deal, Kamini

Mala from Fremont, Ca: Thank you quite definitely. Its an attractive printing. We think it’s great. Here's a photo of your daybed covered with it. Many thanks, Mala

Martha from Baltimore, MD: The tablecloth performed appear and it is gorgeous! It'll be perfect for the Moroccan-themed 80th party i am hosting for my father. Thank you.
Thanks for helping me personally set a fairly dining table.

Kathrine from Kailua, HI: Thank you! I desired to show you what life you delivered to this dark room enclosed by other areas. It really needed a go inside arm. Kathe

Stephanie from California: Hello Saffron Marigold.. Used to do get my beautiful tablecloth. The colors are stunning, plus it washed up perfectly and will be gracing our Thanksgiving table. Thank-you much!!
Diane from Ca: Received the order. It's breathtaking. Hold back until my girl sees the tablecloth and bedding. You will surely have another purchase to fill. Many thanks.
Leslie from Lorton, VA: The tablecloth arrived i really believe on Monday the fifteenth, as you indicated. It fits the table perfectly and is really attractive. I understand that it'll be a pleasant and pretty inclusion on holiday dining table at Thanksgiving. I'd previously bought bedspreads for my summertime house, which I book. We have cleaned them for season and am delighted with how good they looked in 2010 and presented up.I will certainly recommend your products. Leslie S.
Bettie from El Dorado, AR: The tablecloth and napkins appeared. I haven't used them-they tend to be for an extended dining table I use rarely-but i prefer the way the look.
Marilyn from Columbia, SC: Dear Monisha, A bit late in telling you simply how much I like the tablecloth and napkins that appeared rapidly. The packaging was therefore beautiful and made me personally want all stores would take the same pride in their deals. I'll be purchasing once again but must get arranged after becoming snowed-in!! I love fabrics and cultural art. I shall distribute the term about your good company.
I compose meals columns after retiring from training. I will be a fantastic salesperson, a retired instructor, and then make a fantastic actual presentation if you ever before require a rep when it comes to eastern shore provide me personally a call!! Blessings Marilyn

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