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East Indian clothing in Trinidad

Picking when you look at the rice areas. (MPM Neg. #:10835A)

In 1957 the Milwaukee Public Museum sponsored anthropologist Arthur Niehoff and his spouse, Juanita, to conduct a sustained area research project centered on East Indian communities in the Uk colony of Trinidad and Tobago. At the end of the Niehoffs’ industry season, the Milwaukee Public Museum obtained one of the United State’s premiere collections of Indo-Trinidadian material culture, comprising 100 items from the East Indian community of Penal in Trinidad’s Oropuche Lagoon. With items which range from brass vessels of ritual significance, conventional and vernacular music tools, cooking area items, resources, clothing, and decorative items the collection endeavors to represent a cross-section for the daily resides of Indo-Trinidadians. The Niehoffs’ knowledge also culminated in a book, East Indians in West Indies, which stands as one of the very first comprehensive ethnologies of Trinidadian East Indian communities.

Trinidad and Tobago, a former British Imperial Colony, is found inside full tropics a mere 15 miles through the northeast shore of Venezuela. The hawaiian islands’ historic significance as a center the cultivation of sugar and cocoa led to the importation of vast amounts of foreign workers. Aided by the early eradication of native populations to either genocide or international illness, African slaves, and later Chinese and Indian indentured laborers, had been brought in to appease European appetites for sugar and chocolate. Whilst cocoa and sugar cane companies would lose their global advantage by the 1930s, the folks brought in to work on vast plantation properties would sooner or later phone Trinidad and Tobago their property, develop communities, and create a uniquely plural vernacular culture.

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