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Henna Tattoo Kit Amazon

Jagua FlowerNothing tends to make a better present for:

  • yourself
  • anybody who loves human body art
  • anybody who loves short-term tattoos
  • whoever is enthusiastic about the Amazon rainforest
  • whoever has ever wanted taking a trip towards the Amazon
  • whoever has ever wondered how indigenous men and women into the Amazon really stay
  • anyone with fascination with indigenous Indians and associated issues
  • anybody who loves an excellent tale!

Towards World Jagua Tattoo System

A safe and natural option to stain your skin blue/black, similar to a genuine tattoo. Create gorgeous designs that disappear in 10–15 times! The system includes:

  • Sufficient pre-mixed world Jagua Gel for 10–15 styles
  • Expert applicator container and two good ideas
  • Eucalyptus oil for moving stencils to epidermis

What's special about Earth Jagua?

  • No discomfort!
  • No permanence!
  • No PPD!

This is not so-called "black henna, " which may be dangerous to your wellness. This can be natural jagua!

  • Effortless application instructions
  • Useful ideas when utilizing world Jagua
  • Suggestions to create your tattoos last as long as you can
  • Health & Safety Guidelines

Kit Instructions

  1. Utilizing scissors, make a 1/4" cut at tip of foil packet marked World Jagua® Base Gel. Using a pen, push contents of packet toward tip.
  2. Open up synthetic cone and put in a glass. Squeeze Base Gel into cone.
  3. Perspective cap off bottle of Earth Jagua® Powder. Making use of dropper, slowly fill container with liquid to top of sticker. Shake bottle of 1-2 mins until dust is wholly liquefied.
  4. Pour Contents of bottle into plastic cone. Squeeze atmosphere from plastic cone and reseal.
  5. Therapeutic massage contents of cone until smooth. Using a pen, push world Jagua® Gel toward tiny tip of cone.
  6. Utilizing scissors, make a 1/8" Cut at tiny tip of cone. Insert cone tip into lips of plastic squeeze bottle marked Earth Jagua® Powder (that will serve as your applicator container).
  7. Squeeze whole articles of cone into container whilst you try this, touch bottle on countertop once in a while to help gel settle at bottom.
  8. Twist tip onto cap. Twist limit outfitted with tip onto container now filled with World Jagua® Gel. Close tightly.
  9. Follow test patch directions as provided in Health Warning. Create design on epidermis.
  10. Be careful to not ever smudge design before it dries. jagua spots very quickly! Gel will need 30-45 minutes to dry.
  11. Wait 2 hours. Eliminate World Jagua® Gel from skin.
  13. Wait 24-48 hours for black color to completely develop.
  14. The First night just. Following the tattoo application, even if you have previously eliminated the gel, make sure to wrap or protect the look with restroom tissue and tape so the jagua does not stain sheets or any other parts of the body it could are exposed to.

Matsés IndiansStencil Application Guidelines

  1. Reduce preferred design from stencil transfer web page.
  2. Utilizing a cotton baseball, wipe a layer of eucalyptus oil to epidermis location in which stencil will be used. Destination stencil black part down. Apply light, even pressure and wait 30 seconds. Pull stencil.
  3. Slowly trace outline of stencil with Earth Jagua® Gel by gently squeezing synthetic applicator container outfitted with steel tip. This will release the solution. (Stencil overview will go away, leaving black tattoo on skin)
  4. Allow Earth Jagua® Gel to dry, and continue following Tattoo Application guidelines.
  5. Stencil is re-used as much as five times!

NOTE: utilizing a stencil is not required! If you're able to draw freehandm please create your very own styles!

Earth Jagua® Health Warnings

Ingredients in World Jagua® Gel: Water, Isopropyl Alcohol Genipa Americana, Xanthan Gum, Sorbitol, Citric Acid, Silica dioxide, Potassium Sorbate.

Naturally of genipin removal procedure, other normally creating chemical constituents associated with the Genipa Americana good fresh fruit pulp may also be contained through this answer. These types of current constituents might be: D Mannitol,
Carbs, Tartaric Acid, Genipic Acid, Hydantoin, Caffeine, Calcium.

Earth Jagua® Gel is safe and natural. But allergies to organic products are not unusual (think strawberries or peanuts). For the security, please follow these recommended tips.


  1. Before utilizing Earth Jagua® Gel, test item on tiny location very first. Put a tiny bit of item in the skin; keep in for 2-3 hours and rinse off with liquid. Wait 4-5 hours before proceeding.
  2. If you are using any medicines, or have known allergies, check with your physician before making use of World Jagua® Gel.
  3. World Jagua® is a solid dye. We recommend waiting until tattoo has actually totally disappeared prior to making a second application on a single spot.
  4. All individuals making use of world Jagua® Gel should check out the ingredients list to test for possible allergic reactions.
  5. For exterior only use. World Jagua® Gel should not be taken internally.

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