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Perrie Edwards is getting slammed on social media so you can get (temporary) henna tattoos to commemorate her birthday celebration. Lots of people are accusing the Little combine singer of cultural appropriation. See photographs below.

On Saturday, 1 day before the Uk star switched 23, Edwards posted two Instagram photographs from her early occasion. In one single, she’s seen having the artwork done on the right hand. “The stunning @pavan_henna getting me personally ready for my shindig, ” she captioned the snapshot.'

Within the second, Edwards is pictured with a henna design not only on her hand, but also all down the woman remaining supply. Pavan, just who describes by herself once the “world’s fastest henna artist, ” posted two pictures of songstress on the very own Instagram web page, too. Although pics have actually tripped a firestorm on Twitter, in which “Perrie” is a trending subject, with several pointing away this might ben’t the first time she’s already been criticized for henna art.

@zaptatzayn tweeted, “will perrie ever discover she gets called out on this on multiple occasions, she isnt a negative individual but shes choosing to disregard ppls guidance.” @mccartneyjdb blogged, “Perrie is really ignorant and she will never ever discover, she’s so additional. Just how do men and women carry on continue steadily to guard and like the lady.” @romanhoIidayau said, “personally i think like Perrie is simply playing stupid by now after all it's happened before and she gets called away each time but she simply won’t find out.”

“LOOK i really like perrie but this really is really overboard. Want my woman had been woke on cultural appropriation, ” posted @breakawayhaz. @emptygoldziam requested, “Can the following individual who fulfills Perrie please show the woman exactly what cultural appropriation is?” And referencing Edwards’ ex Zayn Malik, @killyaselves1d also tweeted, “Perrie the type of girl to express its okay to put on henna cause she had been once involved to a brown son lmaoo.”

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