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Rihanna at this time has actually 21 tattoos. Her most recent is a tribal design addressing her entire right-hand. Rihanna has accepted that tattoos on her are just like an addiction. “i prefer hanging out in tattoo shops” Rihanna states. “i will be so intrigued by tattoos. It’s an entire culture, and I study it. Sometimes I go with pals, or perhaps by myself. I get bum-rushed, but We don’t attention. I don’t take safety.” Rihanna is known to of had the woman very first tattoo carried out in 2006, two music notes on her foot. Probably the most recognized tattoo musician who has created her tattoos is Bang Bang. Bang Bang has actually evidently done around 13 of her numerous tattoos. He told a magazine “She [Rihanna] constantly flips down [when it’s done] and jumps along like a 16-year-old woman getting the woman first automobile.”

Ft and thighs

Rihanna’s first tattoo is two songs notes on her behalf left foot. The records tend to be a treble clef and sixteenth note. It is believed she got this tattoo done sometime in 2006, and had been inspired by the woman songs job, whenever she was only getting started when you look at the songs business.

In June 2012, Rihanna covered up her songs records tattoo and replaced it with a large Egyptian falcon. She shared an image of the ink on twitter utilizing the caption “Falcon: a light that shines inside darkness! Never Ever shut their eyes during sleep.” Bang-bang – which inked this tattoo – informed US Weekly

“It’s the very first tattoo she wished as a teen….She wished it across her straight back back then.”

It appears as though the bird was tattooed you might say to check like a handgun, although Rihanna may have gotten the motivation for tattoo from a 2, 300-year-old faience falcon. The falcon is on screen during the Metropolitan Museum of Art in nyc, where the tattoo singer does almost all of his work.

Rihanna told Oprah the meaning of her tattoo:

“Back inside day, they might carve into the walls and additionally they would carve a falcon, since they performedn’t have another way of saying a master inside sky, ”

Rihanna included a tattoo of a skull during the woman stay in Miami in 2008. It’s her just tattoo with colored ink and her 7th tattoo. A skull and crossbones translates to danger, but it is neutralized because of the pink tresses bow the head is using.

Hands and Fingers

Rihanna’s hand tattoo is a henna-style tribal dragon claw, which she got on her right hand during brand new Zealand on her November 2008 tour. It suits the woman ex-boyfriend Chris Brown’s tattoo for a passing fancy hand. The design is of a geometric dragon claw with little hibiscus that go around the woman wrist. Her tattoo ended up being done in the traditional design of the Maori individuals in New Zealand. This technique of tattooing helps make the epidermis appear raised and harsh, in place of smooth. She thought to reporters:

“It’s tribal. It signifies strength and love….It’s their particular standard way of tattooing. I wanted [one]. It hurt like hell!

Rihanna expanded her hand tattoo in two sessions in October 2013. Initially she added these chevrons and outlines around the woman hands, hand, and wrist. These lines are noticeable through the completed tattoo.

Rihanna included the final piece to the woman hand tattoo in October 2013, including both the Maori tribal design near her thumb plus the chevron outlines. Its an abstract design impressed by Indian henna art. Artists bang-bang and Cally-Jo worked collectively on both the design plus the implementation of this tattoo. The duo got away their needles and done different sections simultaneously. “@callyjoart and I spent never ending hours attracting on different designs, we finally found the one that worked! Therefore pleased we managed to make it quite, ” bang-bang typed.

Maybe not a great deal is famous concerning this tattoo, or whenever she started using it. The tattoo is of “Love” printed in a simple cursive font on her behalf correct middle finger. The tattoo is positioned so it does not get shown unless she sticks up her middle hand or holds a microphone. She first got it in Los Angeles from 1 for the performers she utilized prior to.

In Summer 2008, Rihanna got another little finger tattoo. That one is the most copied of her tattoos. It had been copied by Lindsay Lohan and Lily Allen, who have been unaware at that time that she had it, Cher Lloyd, and many of Rihanna’s followers in addition has chose to get one the same as Rihanna’s. The premise is the fact that the tattoo is revealed when you hold your hand towards mouth to shush somebody.


Its not known whenever she really got this tattoo. The tattoo is on the remaining part of her ribcage and states “Al Hurria fi Al Maseeh”, which equals “Freedom in God”.

In March 2009, Rihanna got a gun tattooed below the woman correct armpit. She wanted to provide a tattoo as a birthday celebration present to her friend, but simultaneously made a decision to get one for herself.

In September 2012, Rihanna got a new, very large tattoo as a tribute to her late grandma. Alongside the image of her new ink, she tweeted:

“Goddess Isis – Complete girl – Model for future generations – #GRANGRANDOLLY – always in and on my heart.”

The tattoo is of Egyptian goddess Isis, who had been depicted whilst the perfect mommy and partner.

In January 2012, Rihanna showed off the woman brand-new tattoo in a photoshoot with Terry Richardson – a bust of the ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. This is to Rihanna is not known, although tattoo is private and seldom seen due to it is positioning. Queen Nefertiti ended up being an icon of beauty together with many brands including Hereditary Princess; Great of Praises; Lady of Grace and nice of admiration.

Neck and Ears

Certainly one of Rihanna’s very first tattoos is a Pisces indication behind her correct ear. It absolutely was done along with the music records on her behalf base in 2006. The tattoo had been done by a famous Brazilian musician which tends to make his customers book three years in advance, but luckily, Rihanna was in Tokyo as well as him and first got it done.

“My companion from Barbados was here therefore we had to do something crazy. She got one also.”

One of Rihanna’s many noticeable and famous tattoos had been inked in 2008. It was started by a tattoo musician in L.A, then finished in Nyc by the woman favourite tattoo musician – Bang-bang. The movie stars fit previous boyfriend Chris Brown’s trio of stars behind their ear.

Rihanna lines hand tattoo Rihanna henna hand tattoo

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