Traditional Indian Vegetarian

Traditional Indian side dishes

Pumpkin cake from scrapeFrom genuine basmati rice meals and healthy dals to moreish onion bhajis - discover loads of Indian side meals to create dinner of one's favourite curry. Take to our recipes for naan bread, raita and substantially more.

a delicious, Indian-inspired, vegetarian-friendly potato meal. Potatoes tend to be simmered in a homemade curry paste. Offer with rice and vegetable curry.

This cucumber raita is flavoured with fresh mint, fresh coriander and some surface cumin. You will be causeing the frequently!

Toffee apple cakeA healthier substitute for the deep-fried onion bhajis you will find in Indian restaurants. They are cooked and extremely delicious. They have been nice, tender and incredibly moreish. Serve as an appetiser or starter.

If you are wanting a fluffy and chewy naan loaves of bread meal, this can be it. This dish is quick and easy in order to make and tastes fantastic alongside any Indian curry.

I really learnt this in kitchen area of a seasoned Indian homecook! Traditional fragrant dish with toor dal, ginger, chilli, tomatoes, cumin and garlic.

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