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India Spice House, Eden Prairie

exterior and signage for Asia Spice Houseinside growing maze of Eden Prairie strip malls, there are several restaurant alternatives, but couple of that appear truly appealing — specifically for a fast meal. Red Moon Chinese Cafe proved a lively surprise, and Little Sushi on the Prairie is a reliable option. Now there’s a 3rd hidden jewel: Asia Spice House.

Tucked into a stretch which includes an insurance company and a car care shop, the restaurant is easy to miss. However it boasts some standout dishes which can be well worth the go to.

Redecorated just a couple of months ago, the restaurant is amazingly comfortable for a lunch go to, but that could be because it’s dark.the buffet at Asia Spice home in Eden Prairie Standard Indian restaurant design blends with cozy colors and reasonable illumination to really make it a soothing, laid-back knowledge, filled with very attentive machines.

The buffet (8 weekdays; ten dollars weekends) is on the small side, but because so many regarding the dishes pop with taste, it appears ample. The paratha breads — aggressively flattened and slightly greasy — tends to make a palate-cleanser the high spice level of one other dishes. The dal makhani, in particular, sneaks on you in stages, until you are experience like a fire eater because of the meal’s end. However in an effective way.

Other balanced and nuanced selections are the chicken tandoori, chilli gobi, and egg masala. Unlike several other Indian buffets in town, Asia Spice home places a large amount of energy into its sauces, and therefore’s a boon for either cooling down the meal or warming it up even more.details and a lassi from India Spice House The yogurt-based raita is a refreshing pick to dial along the spruce, including, even though the coconut chutney is wickedly hot.

There’s additionally a mango puree, but if you’re shopping for a stronger taste pairing, opt for the mango milkshake ($2.99), which will be just like a mango lassi, however with a thinner persistence.

There are a few untrue notes in an otherwise tasty buffet. The addition of eggrolls is mystifying, considering that there are no other non-Indian selections. The eggrolls themselves tend to be greasy and lackluster, and undoubtedly don’t take advantage of languishing in a steam tray. The goat biryani, too, is disappointing, since the meat is a little dry and flavorless.

But there’s the paneer. Homemade, perfect in surface, this mozzarella cheese elevates and balances the spicy tikka masala sauce that accompanies it.

food at India Spice House in Eden Prairie interior details - Eden Prairie's India Spice House

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