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Our planet Jagua® Black Temporary Tattoo System is sold with:

  • Professional applicator container with 3 different exchangable ideas of various sizes.
  • 40 stencil transfers featuring some of our best tattoo styles (or you can make your very own freehand!).
  • a bottle of all-natural eucalyptus oil for stencil transfer.
  • State-of-the-art dropper for adding just the right level of liquid to freeze-dried jagua powder.
  • Enough world Jagua® Gel for 10–15 tattoos.
  • Clear, illustrated, step-by-step written instructions for foolproof application.

Thought you would like to understand...

  • Our jagua extract comes right through the Peruvian Amazon.
  • No trees are reduce to produce this system.
  • A portion regarding the profits tend to be donated to the Matsés community for healthcare needs.

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